How often can cats be bathed?


Cats themselves are terrible cleaners, and are great at washing themselves every day without help from outsiders. So, in principle, you should only wash these animals when they are very dirty. It happens that something poisonous gets on the catโ€™s fur. In this case, she, too, is shown a water treatment.

Cats should be bathed if they have caught fleas. However, too frequent washing is not advisable, since some of the special oil is washed off the skin. There is a risk of catching a skin disease. Veterinarians recommend bathing cats of hairless breeds (such as sphinxes) every week.

Pregnant cats should not be bathed at all. At this time they are under great stress. The animal does not need unnecessary stress, otherwise it can lead to unfortunate consequences. To clean the coat, you can simply brush the cat well or use a waterless shampoo. We recommend using a metal comb. Plastic combs are not suitable for this purpose - they become electrified and painful.