How often should I clean the cat litter box?


Why should the cat litter box be cleaned at all times? The answer to this question is simple enough. You might say that cats are finicky animals who love a clean litter box, but let’s face it, we love a clean litter box too.

Now you understand that the cat litter box needs to be cleaned all the time. The cat needs to go to a clean litter box. It makes her feel good and she won’t spread dirt all over the apartment.

Clean the cat’s litter box, ideally every time the cat goes to him. Of course this is quite impractical and sometimes impossible. So you can stick to the scheme of double cleaning in the morning and evening.

Dig out the feces and urine lumps (if you use lumpy filler) and add fresh filler as needed. The litter box itself should be cleaned as it gets soiled, non-cat filler owners do it during a complete [filler] change(../../../assets//kakoj-vybrat-koshachij-napolnitel/ ‘What cat filler to choose?’). In general, it is better to make a habit of doing a complete cleaning of the litter box once a week. Remove the dirt, change the filler, clean the area near the litter box.

Some owners use disposable trays inside the main litter box, changing them as needed without having to clean the main litter box.

Don’t be lazy to do the cleaning and try to mask the smell. Your cat will notice it anyway and will be disgusted by a dirty litter box.

Useful Tips

Before you do the cleaning, make some preparations to make your work easier.

  • Use a handy spatula to pick up lumps and feces.
  • Keep sturdy and large plastic bags close to the tray.

cleaning the cat litter box