How to deal with cat hair in the apartment


Bathing in such cases is useless. Hair shedding is an unavoidable process that happens at certain times of the year. You can’t get rid of hair completely, but there is a sure way to minimize its amount in the apartment. You can do this by combing with special combs.

Another effective method of getting rid of hair is shearing. No hair - no problem, it’s all logical. Before shearing, take your cat to the vet. This should be done to rule out hair loss due to some disease.

Not the least role in eliminating the cause of hair loss is the nutrition of your cats. It is most often attributed to a lack of fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6. You can give your furry pet sulfur preparations and brewer’s yeast.

Do not forget about the regular (preferably daily) cleaning of the apartment. Maintaining cleanliness in the house, you can minimize the content of hair on carpets, upholstered furniture.