Toys for cats with their own hands


If you have a young kitten, you should play with him. Playing with the animal raises its spirits, kindness, and cheerfulness. Playing has a positive effect on the cat’s emotional state. Remember that cats and kittens need attention and care. Animals badly need to learn about the world and become smarter.

Tempting balloon.

Such a toy for the cat is very handy and can always be made with your own hands. For this you will need a compact balloon, string and shiny foil. You need to carefully wrap the ball with a thread, the length of 2-3 meters. The end of the thread is pulled under the yarn, so you get a long string with the ball. After that, the toy is wrapped in foil, and lo and behold, it’s ready!


Mouse lock.

How do you make a more unusual toy? Very easy! You will need a small square of plywood, a prepared “mouse”, a knife and a stapler. On a strong sheet of cardboard are cut out 4 cm holes, you need to have 8 pieces, all of them arranged in a circle. The sheet is rolled into a cylinder and stapled together with a stapler. Cut out the strip and glue it on top of the construction, you need to make a small hole in it, where the thread will be fixed. The other end of the thread is pulled through one of the circles, and then the toy is tied. Such fun will not leave your kitten indifferent! It will give him joy, delight and a sea of positive emotions!