A hot cat's nose


It is said among humans that cats are free-loving and their behavior reminds us of children - they can unselfishly share their tenderness and care, but if they are worried about pain, they can’t cope without us. The only difference from humans is that cats don’t talk to us in words. They show us their concern with signs.

You have to be very careful, and if you find a hot cat’s nose, it means only one thing - your kitty is sick and only you can help her. Without a doubt, your cat’s moist and cool nose means a healthy body. This covering of the nose is a kind of filter. It is thanks to this natural “filter” that the cat is able to distinguish odors and protect itself from dust and germs.If the mucous layer disappears, the nose becomes dry and warm. Bacteria in this case have open access to the cat’s respiratory system, which in turn causes a cold accompanied by a runny nose. Extremely rare, however, diseases such as infectious peritonitis and leukemia also occur. If the cat is often ill, after some time formations appear inside the nose, or the runny nose will become allergic, or develop into a chronic disease.