Worms in cats - symptoms and treatment


Worms in cats are various types of intestinal parasites. This pathology contributes to a variety of clinical signs. In some cases, the course of this disease is asymptomatic. It is worth remembering that worms parasitizing in the cat’s body is a serious problem for the animal. In addition, worms are dangerous for the human body.


The most common worms parasitizing in the body of cats are roundworms, otherwise called nematodes. These worms can be up to 10 cm long. Consumption of milk from infected mothers contributes to the infection of kittens. Feeding on infected rodents or the feces of sick animals is considered to be a factor in infecting adult cats. A fairly well-known representative of roundworms is the ankylostoma. It is found in the intestines of cats. These worms can lead to anemia in kittens.

When parasitized in the body of the animal long and flatworms occurs vomiting and weight loss. Infection with tapeworms is facilitated by eating an intermediate host. We are talking about infected fleas or rodents.

The greatest predisposition to worms is characteristic of cats that are regularly outdoors.

cat worms

Methods of infection.

The main way cats become infected with cat worms is by eating the feces of sick congeners. Meat products, fish, etc. are also transmission factors. In some cases, flies are carriers of worm larvae.

Clinical picture of the disease

First of all, worming in cats is manifested by diarrhea. In addition, it is possible to detect the pathogen or its segments in the feces. In the feces of a cat suffering from worms, blood streaks are often detected. Examination reveals bloating of the abdomen of the animal. In severe cases, the disease is manifested by difficulty in breathing. When the digestive tract is affected, vomiting and constipation may develop.


Self-treatment of worms in cats is not recommended. The first step is to identify the type of worms. Pirantel is used to control roundworms. This drug is characterized by mildness, safety and absence of side effects. The use of pyrantel leads only to immobilization, not to the death of the parasites, which come out with the feces alive. It is worth noting that against tapeworms this remedy is completely ineffective. To combat this type of parasites fern extract is used.

Prevention of the disease

To prevent the appearance of worms in cats, the following measures are recommended:

  1. Keeping the cat in the apartment or house. This is necessary to prevent contact with infected animals and feces;
  2. combating fleas;
  3. Observance of personal hygiene, wearing gloves when cleaning the cat’s litter box. Frequent [cleaning of the cat litter box] (../../../assets//kak-chasto-chistit-koshachij-lotok/ ‘How often to clean the cat litter box?’) is also provided;
  4. A visit to the veterinarian to select the best medication to prevent infection. Annual deworming of cats is indicated. However, it is recommended that this procedure be repeated twice a year. Deworming is also indicated before vaccinations. This is necessary to prevent complications.

**Remember, deworming for pregnant cats is contraindicated!

Effective drug to combat worms in cats is considered profender. This drug is available in a tube. It should be remembered that all anthelmintic drugs are characterized by toxicity. With regard to the use of these drugs in emaciated and old cats, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian. Careful reading of the instructions before using these products is recommended.