Where do cats like to sleep?


For a cat, its comfort and safety are important. Therefore, it is these features that should have places that claim to be the pet’s favorite places. When the cat first enters the family, the first place it will choose to sleep. Often there are several favorite places for the cat, this is due to the time of year, time of day and night, the presence of other family members.

Her place will usually be warm and dry, preferably in the sun, and only on hot days will look for darkened places. Also, cats like a place higher up, outdoors it’s tree branches, at home it’s a closet.

If you put a mat or newspaper on the floor the cat will gladly lie down on it. Keeping this peculiarity in mind you can throw a bedding in the right place, which will be more convenient for you to wash. Also many cats prefer to sleep in boxes or baskets, even if they do not fully fit into them, they obviously do not feel uncomfortable. A special love of the cat is the bedroom of the owners, and in particular their bed. As a rule, if the cat sleeps with the master it will lie down at the feet or on the pillow, if the master allows it - then directly on him. There is also an opinion that the cat will lie down exactly on the owner’s sore spot.