Gamavit for cats - an excellent biotonic and immunomodulator


Gamavit for cats is a medication of complex action containing denatured placenta and sodium nucleinate. The drug is red in color of liquid consistency and is available in flasks with a volume of 2 - 450 ml. Flasks with the drug, made of neutral glass and closed with rubber stoppers, to be stored at 4 - 25 degrees. The total shelf life of Gamavit from the date of manufacture is 1 year.

Curative effect on the cat’s body is achieved due to the content of biologically active substances that optimize metabolic processes. Also, the drug has immunomodulatory and biotonic properties.

Gamavit is prescribed for cats in the following indications:

  • stresses;
  • facilitation of labor;
  • increase the viability of the offspring;
  • minimizing the risk of postpartum complications.

The use of Gamavit is therapeutic and prophylactic. Very often it is given to pets in their preparation for exhibitions and competitions. If the animal suffers from an infectious or invasive disease, the drug is prescribed in doses of 0.3 - 0.5 ml per each kilogram of body weight.

If the drug is prescribed to increase the ability to fertilize, the veterinarian sets the dosage of 0.025 to 0.05 ml/kg. As a preventive measure Gamavit intake is shown after diseases, in the postoperative period and in case of exhaustion. In this case it is prescribed at the rate of 0.1 ml/kg pet weight.

It is noteworthy that the remedy has no contraindications and side effects.