Exotic cat breeds


It is not clear how, with the total absence of facial muscles, cats achieve such emotional expressiveness of their faces. Perhaps it is a consequence of a complex mental structure, internal expression, expressed sometimes in a mysterious or even crazy expression of their eyes. Curiosity, courage, unexpected actions and of course a damn charm make cats the heroes of popular videos of the Internet.

Unusual behavior with the most ordinary appearance: tail, hair and ears, all familiar and familiar. Some kind of imbalance between the inside and the outside. But there are cats, whose originality immediately catches the eye. For example, the cats of the Canadian Sphynx breed have no fur at all. And St. Petersburg sphynxes have webbed paws in addition. At the same time it is difficult to find more friendly and compliant creatures. To the touch their skin resembles suede, so it’s a pleasure to stroke them and hold in your hands. No less pleasant to stroke the cats of the breed Luperm. Because of the curly hair, they resemble lambs.

“Keep your tail up!” What if you don’t have a tail? Like a Manx cat. But they don’t have any complexes, because the lack of a tail is compensated by powerful and long hind legs. Cats of the Munchkin breed, which are also called dachshund cats because of their short paws, cannot boast of that. However, they still have a tail, and in their agility and playfulness they are not inferior to their more standard relatives.

They have the famous cat’s eye, mysterious and hypnotizing. Certainly, the efficiency of such a look increases with the multi-colored eyes, as in cats of Turkish Van breed, which often have one blue eye and one yellow one.

Scottish lop-eared cats have their ears bent forward and downward. They often stand on their hind legs and like to sit with their back straight and their legs outstretched. Perhaps this is how they imitate humans. The main thing is that cats learn only good qualities from people. Otherwise, they will be in trouble.