Food from the table for the cat. Is it worth giving?


A beautiful, well-groomed cat that is in excellent physical shape is the pride of its owners. One of the most important prerequisites for this is a proper [cat food] (../../../assets//chem-kormit-koshku/ ‘What to feed a cat?’). Among cat owners are constantly heated discussions on the topic: natural food or artificial, and if artificial - what kind of food is better? Very often the subject of debate is the question - food from the table for the cat, is it worth giving? “Buying or cooking food for a cat is long and expensive. Let her eat what we do!” - some say. In such families, the cat is forced to eat leftovers from the human table - soup, porridge, bread. Well, if the cat sometimes gets leftovers of meat or fish, or at least a piece of sausage. What health and longevity can we talk about with such a diet?

food from the table for a cat

“She’s looking so sweet, she’s begging so much! And how can you not make such a miracle happy sometimes?” - others say. And “make her happy” with smoked or salted fish, fried meat, greasy cheese, ham, mashed potatoes… Sometimes even with cookies and candy! Not even thinking about the fact that this kind of food is poison to a cat. A cat’s stomach is simply unable to digest it all properly, and the liver and kidneys cannot cope with so much salty and greasy food, not to mention spices and food additives.

The answer is simple - you shouldn’t! Certainly a domestic cat can and should eat grass, vegetables, fruits, grains. And even if you’re feeding your cat artificial food, you can supplement it with meat, fish, chicken and dairy products at the same time. But not from your own table!

Remember once and for all: fried, greasy, spicy, salty, smoked food is taboo for cats.

Do you want your cat to stay healthy, vigorous and beautiful for decades? Then do not forget that good nutrition is one of the most important components of its long and happy life.