Don Sphinx


The Don Sphynx is a relatively young breed, but has already gained great popularity. The uncommonness and originality of the breed lies in the appearance of the Don Sphynx. Cats of this breed have hairless muscular body, soft, silky skin, expressively outlined muzzle with large ears and almond-shaped eyes.

Don Sphinxes are incredibly sociable, cheerful and playful creatures with an extraordinary appearance. Their uniqueness is that their body is not completely hairless - kittens of this breed are partially covered with short sparse hair. Over time, they are, as they say, “undressed”, thus giving their owners to get used to their unusual appearance. In many descriptions of the Don Sphinxes one can find a comparison of their eyes with the eyes of alien beings, the neck with the neck of a giraffe. The belly, or rather their tummy, is compared to a piglet, and the tail to the tail of a rat. The long toes on the feet of this cat are connected by webbing, as in a lizard. And the main thing is the suede skin, which is gathered in numerous folds, giving the cat the mystique and mysticism of a real sphinx.

History of the Don Sphinx

Don Sphynx cats were bred, or rather found, in Russia in the early 90s of the last century. A resident of Rostov-on-Don took a small, unattractive cat from street boys and left it with her out of pity. By a year the cat lost almost all of its hair. And no veterinarian, to whom the mistress of the mysterious cat went, could find an explanation. Despite the hair loss, the cat felt perfectly healthy.

Varvara, as the owner called the foundling, gave birth to three adorable kittens, one of which was born absolutely naked. This amazing kitten - a girl Chita - came to the cat breeder Irina Nemykina, who began breeding Don Sphynxes. After several years, as a result of laborious pedigree selection by back-cross, the Don Sphynx cat breed was bred and officially registered. The official registration of the breed dates back to 1996.

Character of mythical cats

The unusual appearance of cats of this breed invariably attracts the attention of others and does not leave anyone indifferent - someone is moved by them, someone is surprised, and someone does not accept such animals, but there is no indifference unequivocally. However, the real surprise comes after the cat shows its remarkable character.

Don Sphinxes are absolutely devoid of the ability to get angry or show aggression. They are so docile and obedient that their owners know no problems like trimming their nails or cleaning their ears. Moreover, they are so affectionate and loving that sometimes they become annoying. As soon as the owner sits down, they immediately jump into his arms, for their portion of affection. Don Sphinxes are very sensitive animals, able to understand the mood of their owners, to worry or to rejoice with them.

Another passion of this cat breed, after the love for their owner, is the game. Don Sphinx will play everywhere and with anything. And when there is an appreciative audience, they will put on a whole circus performance.

In addition, nature has rewarded these cats with the ability to learn any tricks in the shortest possible time. They are happy to carry various objects in their teeth at the request of the owner, perform acrobatic tricks, and even play soccer with a small ball.

Adoring everyone around, Don Sphinxes give their true love and devotion to one person only. If the cat lives in a large family, it chooses the object of adoration and literally “bathes” it in love, for example, it serves as a heater, because the natural body temperature of this animal is as much as 42ºC.

The color of the Don Sphynx

The coat of the Don Sphynx, as a rule, is not monochromatic. There may be spots of different colors and shapes. One gets the impression that by taking the hair cover, nature gave these cats the most diverse coloring in return. But everything is not so simple with the hair of these amazing creatures. According to the type of hair they are divided into four main types.

  • Naked - their skin is completely devoid of hair. To the touch, it seems that the animal is made of plasticine or very soft rubber;
  • Flock - at birth they are covered with short hair, which is completely lost in the second year of life;
  • Velours - “wear” hairs up to 3 mm long, but may lose them as an adult, about 5-7 years old.
  • Brush - covered with hair resembling an old sparse brush. In most cases, this type of Don Sphynx is used in mating with naked, as crossing two of the same type in breeding this breed is unacceptable and does not give high results of offspring.

Pros and cons of the breed

The main advantage of this breed is its mild character and love for their neighbors, and it does not matter whether it is an adult, child or another animal. They get along well with any neighbors, including dogs and rat breed pets. In addition, they are not at all picky about food and do not need any special care. It is scientifically proved that Don Sphinxes can relieve pain in case of muscle and joint diseases, relieve emotional stress.

Don Sphinxes have no disadvantages. If not to consider as a minus their gluttony, but this quality is strictly individual for each specimen.