Until what age cats grow up


Despite the unpredictability and willfulness of cats, people have made them beloved pets. Cats, like dogs, vary greatly in size. It depends on their breed. And despite the great differences between dogs and cats, the latter have miniature breeds as well as breeds that are impressive in size. “So what age do cats grow to and what does it depend on?” - you ask.

  1. Breed. The growth and breed of an animal are interrelated. If its breed is of large size, then this cat will grow for a long time;
  2. **Size of the animal.**Size depends upon the sex of the animal. The growth period of a cat is slightly longer because the body size of the male is larger than that of the female, even if they are of the same breed;
  3. Heredity plays a significant role;
  4. Hormone performance also affects the length of the growth period;
  5. Continued growth can also occur if the female is spayed as an adult. It may also have an effect on the completeness of the female. If a young female has been spayed, there will be no effect on growth;
  6. It is also very important to balance your pet’s nutrition at an early age. Unbalanced feeding can affect growth by prolonging or shortening growth time.

**Statistically, a cat grows up to 18-24 months.