Devon Rex


Devon Rex cats have small body size, a small wide head with pronounced cheekbones, long neck, low set, large ears, huge oval eyes. Wool is short, soft, wavy. All Devon Rex colors are known and recognized.

If you have always dreamed of having a fabulous creature at home, then the Devon Rex is the right one. Externally, the representatives of this breed resemble a little elf or pixie from a Harry Potter movie.

Breed history

The Devon Rex breed originated in England. They were discovered there in 1960. A brood of wild kittens was found near an abandoned mine in Devonshire.

The first recorded Devon was the black cat, Kearley. He is the first representative of the Devon Rex breed.


Devon rex are distinguished by their unusual appearance. They can be recognized even from a distance.

Everything about them is harmonious. The small body on long paws perfectly matches the large head. The thin long neck perfectly complements the high paws and long tail. And large ears perfectly harmonize with the unusual shape of the head.

Devons get a special charm thanks to the wavy hair. This is another of their distinctive features.

You can also note their look. It is so expressive and meaningful that even a person can understand it. Moreover, it may be all the time different. It can be the look of a mischievous cat or a crazy person who says: โ€œI can also do this. Or it can be calm and balanced. At such moments, Devons are like sphinxes who are wise and serious.

On the outside they look very fragile and gentle, but in fact they are nimble and hardy.

Devon Rexes are small to medium in size. Adult cats, on average, weigh 3 to 5 kg, and cats weigh 2.5 to 3.5 kg.

By 7 to 8 months of age, devons reach puberty. Pregnancy cats last 65 to 66 days. Live an average of 15 - 17 years.

Types of colors

Devon Rex breed is quite young, so the representatives are not divided by color. They can be any color that is possible in cats.

Even at exhibitions Devons are divided into groups according to color. Of which the best one is then chosen.


Devon Rex is characterized by love and devotion to the owner. They are always around and interfere in all his affairs. Because they are playful by nature and very curious.

But despite their excessive activity, they have a balanced character. Quite easily adapted to living conditions.

Devons are very friendly. Well get along with representatives of other felines, and even dogs. With proper training can even be friends with parrots and mice.

Nicely relate to children. Therefore, this breed is great for families. Despite their attachment to the owner and immense love for him, they are not jealous of children. Rather, they treat the child as if they were their own kind.

Naturally, friendly Devons do not tolerate separation and loneliness. Therefore, if there is a need to leave him alone, you need to provide him with company.

Devons have a great appetite. Do not mind to eat from the human table. Without remorse they can steal food from your plate or even from your mouth. However, keep in mind that human food can be dangerous to a catโ€™s health.

Advantages of the breed

  1. Devon Rex cats are much less likely to cause allergies. About 60% of people with allergies can live near this breed of cat without harming their health. As scientists assure, this is not due to the fact that their fur is short and they hardly ever shed. The allergies are caused by substances that are secreted by the skin. Devons secrete these substances much less and they differ in their biochemical composition;
  2. Devon Rexes hardly ever molt. And for many people who live in city apartments, this is a huge plus;
  3. Easy care coat. It is enough to wash off dirt from it once every 1 - 2 months. At ordinary times simple stroking is enough;
  4. Devons are not afraid of water. Or rather, they quickly get used to it. That makes it even easier to care for the coat;
  5. Do not scratch and do not bite. This is a very rare phenomenon. Even during such unpleasant procedures as nail trimming or ear brushing, they behave calmly. Perhaps this is because they love people and trust them completely;
  6. Representatives of the breed are distinguished by increased intelligence. They are even more like dogs. They respond to their nickname and are perfectly amenable to training;
  7. For some, it will be a plus that Devons have a very quiet voice. They even purr more than they meow. Some of their sounds may not be available to the human ear at all;
  8. Even in March both cats and kittens behave very quietly. And this is a rarity in the cat world. Cats do not mark their territory. This allows them to be kept in city apartments without any problems.


After so many advantages, you might think that the Devon Rex has no disadvantages at all.

  1. For some, their excessive activity and curiosity may be a disadvantage;
  2. Devons are very fond of heights. They easily climb on all cabinets and throw off anything that is not worth it;
  3. you must watch their food. They are very voracious and somewhat out of proportion. And overweight Devons are not very attractive in appearance.