What can you learn from a cat?


In the past, breeding cats had a practical sense: they protected people’s homes from mice. Nowadays, these animals do us no good, except the joy of communicating with a willful, but so soft, affectionate, purring creature. Is it so?

What can a cat teach us?

Cats have an interesting ability to soothe their owners, to relieve them of irritation and stress. Gently purring on the lap of the owner, an adorable creature is able to replace any psychotherapy. Many cat owners say that with the appearance of a fluffy pet, relations in the family became warmer, and the touching little cat united the household with common cares and entertainment. And statistics show that if a person once got a cat, then he will be around these animals all his life.

What will a cat teach a child?

Today’s children, unlike previous generations, are growing up with an abundance of toys and entertainment. Most of the children’s recreational aids serve only to amuse them, not to develop their mental qualities. Bringing a pet, you make your child a great gift: playing with representative of another species will help him acquire qualities such as observation, tolerance, caring. It’s important to leave the care of a pet to the child from the very beginning, instilling in him a sense of responsibility. A cat is a great option for a relatively young child who is not yet walking alone on the street because, unlike a dog, it does not need regular walks. Baby with 3-4 years can feed the kitten and play with him, and the child is older - and clean the toilet, and brush the cat. A lot, of course, depends on unobtrusive, kind, considerate help from parents. Tender intimacy, which often occurs between the cat and the child caring for it, is valuable because the child knows for sure that he deserves it, the cat thus responds to his attention, affection and care.