What should not be fed to cats and kittens?


There are certain foods that are strictly contraindicated for your pets. Let’s try to list them.

You can give liver and cottage cheese only fresh, fatty chicken meat (and any other too). Ham only if you have nothing else on hand. Make sure to give water that has been distilled and milk only recently opened. Dry or canned food for kittens must not be given. At any sausage products is better to impose a taboo. It is desirable to exclude any bones from the diet - a small animal can choke on them. It is better to give just meat, but in large pieces, so that the pet has good jaw muscles.

Your cat’s health and longevity will depend on what he eats in a couple of years. That’s why it’s so important to teach your pet to eat the right foods from childhood. But avoid overindulging in one porridge or one fish only - your cat must learn to eat a variety of foods.