What to feed a pregnant cat


Many years ago, the Englishman Rudyard Kipling wrote a fairy tale about a cat who liked to walk by herself. Kipling’s cat stubbornly repeated that it did not want to be friends with humans and wished to remain free and independent.

The popular fairy tale in the minds of many people has cemented cats’ reputation as creatures incapable of loyalty and fidelity. Indeed, there is independence in a cat’s character, and in the soul - a corner where the cat does not let anyone in. But if she loves, she will love with all her heart and forever. Any owner of an affectionate “purr” will confirm this.

A cat in an “interesting” situation

Like any living creature, the domestic cat has the right to a private life. And, having exercised this right, she finds herself in an “interesting” situation. However, hormonal changes in the body can be a big blow to health. Therefore it is very important during pregnancy and subsequent nursing to take care of rest and proper nutrition for the pet and future offspring.

The duration of a cat’s pregnancy varies and depends on many factors - the breed, the number of kittens carried, the climate. But on average it lasts a little over 60 days. Each stage of pregnancy is characterized by its own characteristics. A cat’s nipples swell up and her tummy becomes firmer. Then noticeably rounded sides, mammary glands increase. When the growing kittens begin to move and push the mother from inside, the cat may feel anxious or, on the contrary, it may freeze and squint sweetly.

Is it worth the complication?

Some cat owners believe that the pregnancy of their Murka or Businka will necessarily end with a normal delivery. This is a misconception. The feline body is complex. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, combined with improper nutrition, can provoke a whole bouquet of illnesses. From them the cat itself and her future kittens will suffer. Therefore you should not be careless about their diet.

But this does not mean that the owners of Flour or Businy will have all day to stand at the stove and cook cats’ dinners. Experts have already taken care of this by creating food for pregnant and lactating cats.

Bosch sanabelle: as in the best restaurants

The modern market offers a great variety of pet food from “economy” to “super premium” class. Every pet owner decides for himself what to feed him. But, giving preference to “cheap packages”, one should remember that today’s savings may turn into tomorrow’s big problems. Instead of meat, the “economical” food contains chemicals and cheap soy. Cats that eat this kind of food day in and day out become frequent visitors to veterinary clinics.

In contrast to cheap cat foods, Bosch super premium cat foods for pregnant and lactating cats have a balanced formulation designed with animal physiology in mind. Bosch cat food is: the use of gentle production technology that preserves all the nutrients and vitamins; the use of fresh meat, which guarantees high quality and excellent taste; no soy, dyes, artificial preservatives and products with GMOs; strict control of each stage of production.

For better health

Wise nature has given the entire feline family a fairly strong immune system. In order not to harm their health, it is very important to provide comfort, a clear diet and a varied menu rich in proteins, vitamins and trace elements. This should show the wisdom and love of the owners for their pet.