Cat first aid kit, Essential Items


You can buy a ready-made first-aid kit for kittens, but it is not easy to get. So we suggest you to assemble such a first-aid kit yourself. You can use a shoebox, a small plastic box, etc. as a container. Keep the first aid kit in a place that is accessible to you and inaccessible to the kitten.

Below we list the 10 most necessary medications:

  • Sterile bandages, absorbent cotton, band-aids and gauze;
  • Antiseptics (peroxide, boric acid, bicarbonate, manganese);
  • Anthelmintics - e.g., Drontal or Prazicide;
  • Bars lotion for hygienic care;
  • Catnip, which teaches the scratching post and increases kitty playfulness;
  • Chamomile flowers. It is a good antiseptic;
  • A special phyto tea (available at drugstores), which helps relieve the cat’s stress. There are many such teas, such as “Cot Baiyun;
  • Atoxil, which can be used for diarrhea or poisoning of the cat;
  • Advantix, Frontline are great anti-flea medications;
  • Syringes, tweezers, and a small syringe.