Anaphylactic shock in cats - symptoms and treatment


Anaphylactic shock in cats is an allergic reaction causing an extreme condition in which the cat has a decrease in blood pressure, body temperature, blood clotting, increased vascular permeability and spasm of smooth muscle organs. This reaction is very dangerous and unpredictable. It can be fatal.

Anaphylactic shock, occurs when the cat comes into contact with an allergen.

Symptoms of anaphylactic shock in cats

  • Shock;
  • Vomiting;
  • Shortness of breath;
  • Involuntary urination;
  • Feeling of anxiety.

Symptoms begin to appear a few minutes after contact with the allergen.

Causes of anaphylactic shock in cats

The causes are quite varied. These include our pets’ curiosity (ingestion of various substances), unsuitable food, medications, insect bites. There are so many reasons that can cause anaphylactic shock, and it is impossible to predict, because we live in a world full of allergens.

anaphylactic shock in cats

Actions to take when symptoms are detected

You need to remember that in anaphylactic shock, time, plays a major role. If you discover symptoms in your cat, hospitalization is urgently needed. Hurry, the outcome can be fatal.

Treatment of anaphylactic shock in cats

Treat with antihistamines and take allergen samples. The tests will determine which allergen caused the reaction.


Try to hide all chemicals and medications. The cat is as curious as a child.