American Curl


The American Curl is an expensive but memorable breed of cat. It is famous for its back-turned ears.

The origin of the breed.

This is a fairly young and distinctive breed from the rest. This cat was first found by an American family (Southern California, 1981). Her appearance impressed them very much, and she stayed with them. And when she gave birth to kittens with the same shape of ears, there have been breeders began work on improving and improving the breed. And soon (in 1986) Kerls were allocated to a separate species. There is already a large variety of species of all kinds of color, hair length and angle of the ears.

Description of appearance.

The name of the breed speaks for itself. Translated from English the Curl is translated as a curl. And indeed hard ears of this cat (many people call them horns) originally bend back and are covered with thick fluffy fur. This adds to their muzzle cunning, surprise and some sophistication.

The standard of compliance of this breed is quite simple. The main criterion of course, is their specific shape of the ears, having a wide base and a round, curved top.

Otherwise, the standard does not impose any special restrictions. The color of the coat is varied: single-colored, multi-colored in all shades. Eye color need not be combined with the overall color of the animal, but they must be bright with a healthy shine. They are either round or almond-shaped, somewhat slanted in shape. Cats of this breed can be both with rather long beautiful silky hair and with short very shiny hair. More popular are individuals with medium-length hair, having a fluffy collar and tail.

They are not too big in size, but are well-balanced and well-proportioned. They have a strong chest, neck, strong legs with round feet, wedge-shaped head with a straight nose.

They are noted for their excellent health and long life expectancy. This is due to their genetic integrity. Breeders have refused to interbreed Curls with any other breeds, in order to preserve their specific appearance. They very rarely have hereditary diseases, and are highly resistant to any cold infections. The shape of their ears is a natural genetic mutation, which studies have shown has no effect on their health.

Character traits.

American Curls are very well-bred animals, they are docile, not capricious and quickly become accustomed to their owners, especially they like small children.

By nature, cats of this breed are very loyal and affectionate, cheerful and too curious. Kerls are very sociable, kind, affectionate and even you can say, caring. In addition, they are quite intelligent and smart animals and constantly try to keep their owner company in all endeavors and activities. They can read a book with you, as well as help wash the dishes or try to help eat dinner. Don’t think of it as pranks, they are just very sociable and can’t stand to be alone. At the same time they will do it intelligently, tactfully and because of its silence will not bother you unnecessarily (just a quiet melodious purr).

The peculiarity of kerls is that even after they grow up, they remain active and inquisitive little children.


Taking care of curls is quite simple. Their main asset are their ears, so care should be taken with them, as the cartilages they are made of can be easily injured. It is also necessary to wipe them periodically with warm water. The peculiarity of this breed is ingrown claws. Therefore, once a month after washing, it is mandatory to trim them, so they do not cause pain and inconvenience to your pets. Since their hair is practically not falling off, it is necessary to brush them as needed.

** Disadvantages**

This rare breed is sparse and difficult to breed. It is an expensive elite cat. As before it remains more popular in North and South America, and in other countries, although there are catteries which breed this breed, unfortunately they still remain rare.